Wheel Alignment In St. Louis Park

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Properly aligning wheels on cars and other vehicles has been part of our business since 1945. Our licensed, bonded and insured service shop ensures customers never get high-pressure sales or unnecessary repairs.

We offer an honest and friendly team that believes you deserve quality and affordable work. We confidently do wheel alignments on nearly any vehicle.

Inspecting Wheel Alignment In St. Louis Park

Compete inspecting and maintaining correct wheel alignments has been part of the Automobile Service Co. reputation since 1945. Wheels that shake, badly worn tread, and crooked steering – nobody wants that. The straight path to driving can be found with the expert technicians at Automobile Service Co., providing wheel alignment in St. Louis Park. We can help you get the most wear and performance out of your tires and you will enjoy smoother and safer driving.

If you experience any of the following issues, have our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art facility inspect and maintain proper wheel alignment for you. You will be confident and comfortable when on the road.

♢ Car Drifts to One Side
♢ Steering Wheel Vibrates
♢ Steering Wheel Isn’t Centered
♢ Smooth Wear on Side of the Tire
♢ Feathered Wear across the Tread
♢ Shoulder Wear and Bumpy Pattern
♢ Sharp Pulling While Steering
♢ Irregular Tread Wear
♢ Feathering and Bald Spots

If all roads were smooth and there were no bumps you would never need car wheel alignment in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. That’s if we lived in a perfect world with no freezing winters. Unfortunately, with every pothole, bump, and turn, your car begins to misalign.
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Wheel Alignment Service In St. Louis Park

After an inspection of the wheel alignment of your car, our technicians may find a full wheel alignment is warranted. Properly maintaining your alignment ensures that your vehicle travels smoothly and safely.

You can greatly extend the life of your tires with proper wheel alignment. Wheel alignment services in St. Louis Park align your tires to be perfectly straight. A much smoother ride is created and fuel efficiency is improved along with driver safety.

St. Louis Park Front Wheel Alignment

Do you feel pulling when you’re driving? The ASE-certified technicians at Automobile Service Co. have the experience and equipment to set your alignment straight. We provide inspections, can adjust your camber, caster, and toe angles, and we offer complete front wheel alignment services in St. Louis Park.

Whether you have a car, a truck, a bus, or an RV, you’ll appreciate the prompt and efficient wheel alignment services at Automobile Service Co. in St. Louis Park. Make sure your car performs properly by turning to our technicians for experienced and professional auto services.

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