Car Suspension Service in St. Louis Park

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Working on car suspensions has been part of our business since 1945. Our licensed, bonded and insured service shop ensures customers never get high-pressure sales or unnecessary repairs. Get back to smooth driving with service from Automobile Service Co. We are your experts for car suspension service and repair in St. Louis Park MN. Whether your car is bouncing, riding low, or responds poorly to bumps in the road, the team at our auto repair shop is at your service, providing full suspension services for all vehicles.

We offer an honest and friendly team that believes you deserve quality and affordable work on your automobile.

Frame And Suspension Services For Cars In St. Louis Park

We won’t keep you in suspense about our prices. If your vehicle needs suspension work in St. Louis Park MN, we offer free estimates that give you confidence. Your repairs may be minor or you may need full replacements of shocks and struts. Either way, you will find our services affordable. Look for these warning signs that indicate a need for vehicle suspension services:

  • Damaged or Dented Shocks or Struts
  • Stiffness or Noise When Steering
  • Noticeable Fluid Leaks from Shocks or Struts
  • Damaged or Worn Mounts or Bushings
  • Frame Straightening and Repair
  • Cupped or Uneven Tire Wear
  • Vehicle Swaying or Leaning on Turns
  • Vehicle Instability When Braking
  • Bumpy or Shaky Ride
  • Our professional experience and state-of-the-art facility allows our technicians to inspect and maintain a suspension system so owners can be confident when on the road.

    Replacing Shocks & Struts In St. Louis Park

    After a suspension system inspection our technicians may find service is needed. You want a smooth ride. Shocks and struts that are damaged are no fun to drive with and can be dangerous, even causing accidents and further damage to your car. Bumps in the road, a blowout, can cause serious problems with bad shocks or struts.

    Automobile Service Co. is your go-to source for comprehensive strut and shock replacement in St. Louis Park MN. We have a large facility where we provide car suspension service and repair for all types of vehicles. By replacing your suspension system, we restore your vehicle’s performance, increase your safety and your driving enjoyment.

    Our facility and full team of experienced ASE Certified technicians give our customers confidence that their car suspension work was done correctly.

    Car Suspension Repair And Service In St. Louis Park

    Trust our experienced mechanics to work on your suspension system. It takes skilled technicians with the proper tools to do the job right. We are St. Louis Park MN auto suspension experts, we ensure that your car is repaired correctly and that you enjoy smooth-driving for years to come.

    Call 952-929-0615 to learn more or schedule a service.