Car Frame Straightening Service In St. Louis Park

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Automobile Service Co. has offered frame straightening at our shop in Saint Louis Park MN since 1945. We offer a full range of frame repair services for vehicles that have frame damage. The frame can be the most damaged area in an accident and requires skilled professionals to restore it properly. After an accident our expertise in frame straightening can tell you what your vehicle needs!

Impairments may not be noticed until you drive the car and can feel changes in how it operates. Frames can suffer internal damage that affects other parts of the car and how it operates. Frame straightening helps to provide safe functioning when you are behind the wheel. Contact our frame straightening shop today to learn more!

We offer an honest and friendly team that believes you deserve quality and affordable work. We confidently do work on frames, including straightening, on nearly any vehicle.

Inspecting Car Frames In St. Louis Park

Inspecting and maintaining vehicle frames has been part of the Automobile Service Co. reputation since 1945. That professional experience and state-of-the-art facility allows our technicians to inspect and maintain the integrity of a vehicle frame so owners can be confident when on the road.

Frame Straightening Service In St. Louis Park

When performing frame repair, it is necessary at time to remove and replace some parts of the frame in order to correct and straighten out all the damaged areas. Small accident repairs can be done very quickly but frame repairs require expert service. We provide services to Saint Louis Park, Golden Valley, Edina, Hopkins, New Hope and surrounding areas. We service small, mid-size and oversize vehicles, and customers from all over the twin cities are rely on us for quality repairs the first time.

Our dedicated team of certified technicians is committed to getting your vehicle back to proper working condition. And, importantly, we will identify all the issues with your vehicle right away. Improper frame repair will cost you in the long run. It is important for you to have all problems looked at immediately. Failure to seek a professional frame repair can cost you in the end and can potentially lead to improper tire wear, suspension problems and steering difficulties.

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