Car Air Conditioner and Heater Services In St. Louis Park

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Turn to Automobile Service Company when you need affordable and prompt heating and AC service. Depend on the ASE-certified technicians at Automobile Service Co. in St. Louis Park MN for car ac repair and heater repair. In any weather, we’re here to offer comprehensive auto AC service and heating system diagnosis and repair.

The ASE-Certified technicians at Automobile Service Co. can be depended on to inspect, repair and ready your vehicle’s air conditioner for the hot days of summer. An we’ll make sure your automobile’s heating system keeps you warm in winter!

Automobile Air Conditioning Service and Inspection In St. Louis Park

Our state-of-the-art St. Louis Park facility provides the latest technical equipment and trained technicians and mechanics with more than 20 years experience inspecting air conditioners in cars, RVs and any other vehicle. Anything wrong with your AC we can fix, whether it’s the evaporator, the hoses, or the condenser, we can provide affordable solutions and get you on the road in cool comfort.

If you need auto AC repair in St. Louis Park MN, come to the experts. Whether you just need your AC refrigerant recharged or components replaced, we have the experience to help. That experience ensures that any problem found with a car air conditioner can be fixed right the first time with quality parts by confident technicians.

Recharging Car Air Conditioners In St. Louis Park

Proper inspection frequently discovers that the problem with your auto’s air conditioner is simply a need for recharging the AC unit with by a trained, experienced professional who complies with industry standards. The recharging makes sure the AC unit is pushing out cold air usually between 38 and 45 degrees. Now that’s pretty cool!

Repairing, Servicing, Car Air Conditioners In St. Louis Park

Automobile Service Company technicians perform affordable auto air conditioning service including:

♢ AC Compressor Repair
♢ Drive Belt Inspection & Replacement
♢ Condenser Repair & Replacement
♢ Evaporator Core Repair & Replacement
♢ Hose Replacement
♢ Leak & Damage Check & Repair
♢ AC Refrigerant Recharging
♢ Receiver/Dryer Repair
Automobile Heater Repair In St. Louis Park

Automobile Service Co. will warm your heart and bring on the heat with their expert heating and cooling system repairs. We identify what needs to be done and fix it right the first time. To avoid the chill remember temperatures don’t usually rise above the 50s until April, and then they drop down again in October.

You’ll be comfortable and warm when Automobile Service Co. provides affordable repairs your heating system. We ensure you enjoy a warm and toasty ride after car heater repairs by us in our in St. Louis Park car repair shop. From a heater core to blown fuses, we correct the problem quickly so you can be warm again.

Call (952) 929-0615 to schedule a service for automobile AC and heater repair in St. Louis Park. We’ll keep you cool all summer long and warm in the winter!