RV Maintenance and Servicing in St. Louis Park

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Making sure a recreational vehicle is ready for an extended drive is a key element to any enjoyable vacation. Ensure you are entrusting that job to an experienced, reliable RV repair shop, such as Automobile Service Co. of St. Louis Park.

We have been servicing vehicles since 1945 and employ ASEĀ®-Certified technicians, many of whom have more than 20 years experience in the trade.

Inspecting, Testing an RV in St. Louis Park

Operating a state-of-the-art facility and employing rigorous inspection and testing of an RV is a strength of Automobile Service Co.

That process allows our certified technicians to ensure any recreational vehicle is prepared for a long, safe journey.

Servicing an RV in St. Louis Park

In addition to offering inspection and testing of RVs, our St. Louis Park RV Repair facility is equipped to service any problem your recreational vehicle may have.

Our trained, certified and experienced St. Louis Park RV mechanics and technicians have worked on a variety of travel trailers, fifth wheels, expandables, motorhomes and large vans. We make sure your vehicle is road ready and in the best possible condition to start and finish your journey!

RV Maintenance in St. Louis Park

Using an RV for a vacation is just one benefit of owning your vehicle. It’s also an investment that requires maintenance for maximum value.

Keeping an RV on a regular schedule of maintenance extends the life of your vehicle, and our ability to keep your RV in solid operating condition is another Automobile Service Co. strength.

We offer RV oil changes, computer diagnostics as well as brake services; and tune-ups combine to keep an RV safe and reliable.