Light Commercial Truck Service In The Twin Cities

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Servicing light commercial trucks is a vital part of our business at Automobile Service Co.

Our licensed, bonded and insured service shop ensures no high-pressure sales or unnecessary repairs and a commitment to providing the highest quality light commercial truck service.

We offer an honest and friendly team that believes you deserve quality and affordable work. We confidently do all of your light commercial truck service inspection and repairs.

Career Mechanics For Light Commercial Truck Servicing

Our mechanics average 20 years of experience among them. They are career mechanics that truly love their jobs and enjoy providing accurate repairs the first time.

That experience of our ASEĀ®-certified technicians is the backbone of the largest independently owned auto repair center in the Twin Cities.

Inspecting, Maintaining Light Commercial Truck Services In The Twin Cities

Inspecting and maintaining light commercial vehicles of all types has been part of the Automobile Service Co. reputation since 1945.

Our professionals and state-of-the-art facility allows our technicians to inspect and maintain the integrity of light commercial trucks, handling routine maintenance and inspection to the most thorough and complete repairs.

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