Car Repair Service Serving Hopkins

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Working on cars has been the core part of our business since 1945. At our licensed, bonded and insured car service shop, customers never get high-pressure sales or unnecessary repairs.

We offer an honest and friendly team that believes you deserve quality and affordable work. We confidently do inspections and repair work on nearly any vehicle.

Inspecting And Maintaining Hopkins Cars

Inspecting and maintaining automobiles has been part of the Automobile Service Co. reputation since 1945.

That professional experience and state-of-the-art facility allows our technicians to inspect and maintain cars to ensure owners can be confident when on the road.

Repairs Affordable And Reliably For Hopkins Cars

After an inspection our technicians may find the solution is simple maintenance or a repair. Properly maintaining a car ensures it is safe and reliable on the road.

Our facility and full team of experienced ASE Certified technicians give drivers confidence in all facets of car care and repair.

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